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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Obscure Items of No Relevance
1. Returned Monday evening from a successful deer hunt and a great weekend in the land of Promise.
2. At this point in time I have three animals in butcher shops. I've never had this occur before.
3. Boys love shooting... Boys love shooting frogs.
4. Boys catching fish brings a smile to one's face.
5. I am now in pursuit of a loader backhoe. Gotta have one.
6. Fall is here.
7. Being 22 miles from the nearest town equals quiet. I love quiet.
8. One can buy a decent used loader backhoe for the same money as a new compact farm tractor with a loader. One is a compromise the other is built for work.
9. My previous opinion of the .243 is that it is not super effective for putting down an animal. This year's experience has changed that.
10. Pigs are very interesting critters.
11. From a pig's perspective, always being prey, or having an instinctive image of being prey sucks.
12. Feast or famine - design load at work. It is feast. Gluttony.
13. My herd of goats think the grass is greener. They love holes in the fence.
14. I have found a way to get a full size pickup, with Cummins, for around $6k. It isn't perfect but it will serve my needs. That is very exciting!
15. During our hunting expedition we got to use the host's 4-wheeler with much joy and rejoicing from boy #2.
16. Saw lots of bear sign during our explorations.
17. Next year I am hoping to use a 300 Whisper for deer hunting.
17.5. Blind duck is gone. I discovered when the wind blows the duck couldn't hear his buddy to navigate. The wind blows in Corbett. Alas no duck. The duck just couldn't evolve quickly enough to survive.
18. I better post thins thing if I want to keep people coming backing for more.


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