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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Vacation Day Value

My philosophy in the has been that vacation days are for vacations. You don't use these precious days for working on stuff or doing things that are within 30 miles of the house.

So I have to put a new roof on the house this summer. It kinda looks like I might have to take a couple days off to get the roof done. My plan was to work through the roof a section at a time in the evenings and weekends. Then get the crew to come on a weekend to do the big and easy side. Well the disposal people are screwing up that plan. You get the dumpster for 3 days then it costs after that. I am too cheap to pay for any extra days. I might have to pay for a couple!

What is this world coming to? I am using vacation days to work on the house... Maybe I should move into a condo with no yard. I need to have a shop and no yard... It need to have a place for the goats but wuth no yard. Looks like I need a place in the country. Oh that's right I have one.

Just get over it. I hape the 30 year roof will last 15 in the Corbett wind and ice. I'll let you know when the big day is so you can share the expereience with me.


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