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Friday, July 15, 2005

Weed Pulling

So where I live I have neighbors on three sides. Everyone has land and two neighbors have animals (cows, goats, or horses). The the neighbors to the east are the best. The people to the north just border our place with pasture and their house is a ways away. The northerns have the nicest Nubian goats that say hi through the fence. Anyway, their pasture has about 200 tall ready to bloom tansy plants. The wind blow around Corbett so what anyone has everyone gets. I so wanted to somehow get this neighbor to take care of their tansy.

By the way, tanzy is a noxious weed. If livestock eat it they die. So is isn't real desireable to have around.

When I was a kid private people and big land owners spent lots of time and money controlling tansy. I once had a summer job pulling the stuff on the property of the coal mine my Dad worked at. It was a lousy job. I digress... So one evening I climbed over the fence and pulled the neighbors tansy for anout 15 minutes and cleaned up an area about the size of the dinner table. I don't have time to fix the neighbor's weed problems I have two acres of my own weeds to control. So for the last week it has been giving me stress as to how to get rid of the neighbor's tansy. Do I talk to them? Do I call the county to get the weed police involved? Do I take my Stihl brushcutter over there and lay waste to it all? My wife just called and the neighbors have been pulling tansy for the last couple hours. Whuppeeee!

So did my little pulling session send the message? Did they get up the guption on their own? Who knows but I am happy.


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